About the Program

Global Rural Nursing Ambassador Program

Join the GRNEN Ambassadors!

The Global Rural Nursing Exchange Network is seeking rural nurses from across the globe to act in the capacity as ambassadors to assist in extending our network in its mission to support rural nurses and rural communities.

Who can become a GRNEN Ambassador?

Members of GRNEN, which includes rural nurses, rural nurse practitioners, educators, researchers, policy advocates, and student nurses currently serving in rural communities.

GRNEN Membership: There is no formal membership application process and no cost to be a member of the GRNEN.

What will the GRNEN Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors will be able to help steer the future direction of the GRNEN network and initiatives by working closely with the GRNEN Leadership Team. GRNEN Ambassadors will have the opportunity to help the GRNEN expand the network by discussing ideas, recruiting new members, and sharing their experiences with other rural nursing advocates. The GRNEN Ambassadors are valued for their insights into their country’s culture, politics, health systems, and people, as well as their rural nursing experience, teaching practice and research ideas. 

What are the benefits of being a GRNEN Ambassador?

There are many benefits of being a GRNEN Ambassador:

  • Professional networking and the opportunity to build a global profile
  • Support from colleagues across the globe 
  • The chance to make connections for research and education development
  • Visibility for your community’s rural health concerns and resources to help you develop leadership skills that will positively impact your community